COVID-19 Updates

At New Creations USA, our number one priority has always been the health and safety of our staff and customers.

We have now resumed offering service back in customer homes following the state guidelines for Service Technicians in Occupied Homes. We will continue to provide quality service during this time while taking extra precautions and following strict cleaning policies.

We wish you all good health.

Service Overview


Interior Restoration

We do a lot in our cars. Vehicle interiors get a lot of wear and tear from kids, pets, mud, dirt and spills. New Creations USA specializes in vehicle interior restoration. We repair tears, fix discoloration and stains, restore burned areas, scrapes and marred finishes in all automotive interior surfaces and upholstery. We restore all surfaces including leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic and wood.

RV and Boats

Interior Restoration

Traveling the roads and riding the waves can be tough on RVs and boats. Our technicians can repair tears, water and mold discoloration, stains, burns, scuffs, and wood surfaces throughout your RV and boat interior. We can return your vehicles to pristine condition so you can get back to having fun wherever the wind and waves take you. We can restore most surfaces include leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic and wood.


Interior Restoration

We can extend the life of your furniture, flooring, countertops and more with quality home restoration services. We can repair leather, re-dye and repad furnishings. Scratches, gouges, water damage, staining, chipping, tears and burns on interior surfaces are our speciality. We can also repair cracks and small holes in vinyl siding and window frames.  Surfaces include leather, cloth, vinyl, wood, laminate, linoleum, tile, marble, granite.

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Interior & Exterior Restoration

You want your business to represent the very best. Restore your furniture before you replace. New Creations USA team can bring your office back to life or restore furniture that was damaged in shipping by repairing tears, discoloration, and nicks in furnishings for professional offices, hotels, meeting rooms, medical offices. New Creations USA’s restoration services include leather, cloth, vinyl, wood, laminate, linoleum, tile, marble, granite.

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What Our Customers Say


We have been using New Creations for 2 years now the are the best at what they do they can fix anything we send them . very professional! whether it’s leather repair or furniture repair there has been nothing they can’t do. I highly recommend them 



We appreciate the quick and efficient service that New Creations and their team do repairing our customer’s furniture.  New Creations do a great job and we appreciate it very much.

– Michelle


New Creations is the reasonable alternative to complete replacement. Dave’s crew is knowledgeable, efficient, timely, affordable and professional. “It always amazes me, how wonderful the restoration results are!




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